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Cutting Slack

URBAN ART WEEK - "Cutting Slack" with:

Danny Doom
Vidam The Weird

Berlin plays an important role in the Urban Art movement. It has long been considered a Mecca on the international scene, where Graffiti became part of the cityscape in the 1970s and many gable and façade paintings were created. In divided Berlin, the Wall became the largest graffito in the world. It was sprayed and painted, and Graffiti Writing spread rapidly in West Berlin in the 1980s due to the the influence of the hip hop movement streaming in from the USA. During the course of the reunification, East Berlin also quickly adopted the practice and created a veritable Graffiti boom. From the mid-1990s onwards visual artists increasingly conquered the urban space with new surprises. From approximately 2000 onwards, Street Artists left their mark in public spaces by using and creating new visual languages and techniques.

Berlin has, for many years, stood for a subversive and energetic art scene and its reputation draws many artists and tourists to the capital. A whole series of murals has attracted great international attention and the pictures have become true tourist magnets and landmarks of the city. The state of Berlin has also recognized this and Urban Art has been used for international city marketing for several years.

The URBAN ART WEEK would now like to support the places and initiatives that have been involved with Urban Art for years and that have promoted the movement, as well as younger initiatives.

Later Event: September 21